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7% Hydrogen Peroxide Cleaner Concentrate Sample Pack - Makes 1.25 Gallons (160 fl Ounces)

  • $ 25.99

Contains 4 samples!  Pick your scents!

These small, but mighty, 7% hydrogen peroxide cleaner concentrates combine the power of grime-busting detergents and peroxide with premium scents that will indulge your senses as you easily tackle the dirtiest of jobs!  This product can be used on counters, sinks, tile, grout, toilets, tubs, and showers.  

Each 8 fl ounce bottle makes 40 fl ounces of industrial strength 1.3% hydrogen peroxide cleaner.  Can be used full strength for tough jobs!

No harsh chemicals  
Bleach Free
No Harsh Fumes


Instructions: Shake well and mix 1 part concentrate with 4 equal parts water.  Test in an inconspicuous spot prior to usage if surface has any type of finish or is plastic (this stuff is strong!).  Can be used full strength for heavily soiled surfaces.  Gloves are highly recommended when handling undiluted concentrate. Store mixed solution in a dark bottle away from direct light.  If stored for an extended period of time, keep cap screwed on loosely.

Ingredients: Hydrogen peroxide, organic surfactants.  May contain fragrance, and essential oils.

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